Monday, 5 February 2018

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

Mayapura, West Bengal

Leaves to Travel

He did it the right way. Mahdu Sevita, a godbrother from Italy, told me he will take sannyasa (monkhood) in September. It is indeed rare and he mentioned to me that after decades of a successful marriage and raising a son, at age sixty-six, he will formally become a renunciate.

I visited Madhu at Hare Krishna Village about eight years ago. He has done outstanding work, sharing Krishna Consciousness in Europe and has run successful businesses. Now, in a sort of retirement, he will take to the path of simplicity. So I congratulate him.

A concern that some folks may have in regard to severing ties with one’s spouse, how can such an action be justified? When a person takes such a step, it should be understood that separation within a couple has not been fuelled out of malice but out of a consensual move to advance the two individual’s cause toward spiritual progress. Another important point is that tradition has it that the woman in the relationship is not left high and dry.

She is endowed with sufficient facility when her husband, in the sannyasa mode, leaves to travel the world. Usually the eldest son shelters her. Both husband and wife concentrate on their spirituality. The final years are spent in study, meditation, teaching and in surrendering to the Supreme, and in giving to the world—the people, animals, vegetation, and so on.

The above scenario is ideal and Madhu is doing it. It was not a spontaneous decision or an abrupt course of action. It was a well-planned, and well thought out decision.

May the Source be with you!

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