Friday, 16 February 2018

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Mayapura, West Bengal

In Bed and On Stage

What the other boys in our circle were suffering from, finally crept up on me.  Basically, it’s a cold but it did put me into the horizontal position.  It kept me away from meetings and walkings.  I sent an email to our chairperson, Bhakti Caru. “I’m sorry I can’t make it today,” exclaiming my illness and that I had to conserve energy for our final performance.

So, jumping ahead, we did perform.  We received a standing ovation once again.  “Many Mothers, Many Fathers,” on the life of Chitraketu, has received so much praise from all.  Some of our elders said the following:

“A good play,” said Hari Sauri.
“Brilliant!” said Suresvara.
“Wonderful!” remarked Sesa.
“World Class!” said Prthu.
“I loved it!” said Laksmimoni.
“Creative!” was author, Vishakha’s word.
“The best!” said Jayadvaita Swami.

After the performance, when the audience went to mingle with our actors, so much encouragement came our way.  The cast enjoyed an appreciation feast and then we went around asking everyone for their reflections.  The one main feature or theme that came out of these deliberations was the building of such awesome friendships.  Truly, we had become a family of bhakti yogis, loving, and learning so much from each other.

I believe that everyone’s spiritual propensity was enhanced by the hard work and the powerful product—a play that moved people.

May the Source be with you!

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