Saturday, 24 February 2018

Monday, February 19th, 2018

Vrindavana, India

Good Doctor!

Our boys from our troupe nicknamed him, “Dr. Pain.”  With the acrobatic nature of some of the moves made by our actors, some minor injuries came our way.  And so the person called to address sprains and spasms is someone who’s quite expert in the field of acupressure.  His name is Bilvamangal Krishnadas, but more affectionately everyone refers to him as Dr. Pain.

I had my turn.  The gain I’ve received from Dr. Pain is incredible.  Oh, he knows how to make you hurt.  He’s got all the sensitive spots down.  He presses.  And hard.  Thank God, he tackled my knees which have been an aggravation since New Year’s Eve.

I’m practically relieved of the limp I’ve been struggling with.  I can now believe that my walking will be done more easily.  And soon I’ll go back to Canada where, frankly, it can be more easily done.  Walking in Vrindavan is not a piece of cake.  Traffic—oh boy.

Dr. Pain also left me with some stretches to perform on a daily basis.  I'm truly grateful to Dr. Pain.

Now back to Vrindavana—this holy land.  It is somewhat challenging to get around here.  Motorbikes, cars, rickshaws, tractors and all man-made conveyances occupy the roads.  And then there’s the monkeys.  Hold onto your goods!  They are fast and they love to ransom.  Plus dogs, cows and sows roam every which way, and everywhere.

But there are some nice improvements in the temple courtyards and the buildings are well maintained.

Visiting Krishna’s domain, here in Vrindavana, is worth some pain.

May the Source be with you!

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