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Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

Impressions In-flight

When landing at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, the gate for the flight to Delhi was right there.  Yet I had two hours to kill, so I decided I was not going to just sit around.  “It’s time to explore the airport.  I’ll get some walking done.”

My impressions!  The colour scheme of the airport interior is a trite too colourless.  In a country like Holland, where it’s overcast for a good amount of the time, it might be an idea to intensify the hues a bit.  Learn from the Spanish, perhaps.

Also the place is very international.  You have travellers and tourists here from all over the world.  I see a share of Dutchman who are some of the travellers, but mostly are staff and personnel.  They remind me of me, to a certain extent.  My ancestry comes from this ‘below the sea-level land’.  They are tall people—blondish and into the formalities.  German-like, but softer.

The next flight was a little change from the one to Amsterdam.  Jet Airways carries many passengers from south-east Asia.  Many of them are older.  They’re off to come home to India.  One man I met from the Punjab, but who lives in Canada, is going home for a wedding.  The screens on the plane were all lit up for Bollywood flicks as soon as we got back into the aircraft.

At the Delhi Airport, as we de-planed, I met a sweet couple from Calgary en route to Nepal and the Himalayas.  “Get ready for a joyous culture shock.  You’ll love it.”  I wished them well.

May the Source be with you!

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