Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Mumbai, India
A Lesson From the Python
Yesterday, Bhanu Swami spoke about the python man—the sadhu, or holy man who becomes popular by merely lying there in the field and accepting whatever may come of its own accord as food.  His disposition is one of detachment.  Such was the topic during the Bhagavatam lesson.

Today, we were honoured to hear from Kavi-chandra Swami who spoke further on the nature of a python, who hypnotizes his prey causing it to come closer.

The parallels, between the python and the certain type of monk who doesn’t walk about, are very interesting.  The main theme I picked up on was instructive.  As Rupa Goswami, another celebrated monk of the 16th century, expressed it, “Do not endeavour for mundane things.”

In a conversation I had at lunch with Tejiyas, a true blue researcher on rural community development, he said the greatest challenge in implementing the simpler life for even the welcoming city slicker is to resign oneself to the principle that we be content with what we have.  It appears greed is an element which really needs to be tackled if one wants to be more frugal in the way one does things.  I think most of us will admit we waste like crazy and we work way too hard to accumulate what we don’t need.

My walking, by the way, hasn’t totally diminished.  I’m not excited about walking at nearby Juhu Beach.  In the day, it’s extremely hot.  In the night, the dogs attack.

May the Source be with you!

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