Sunday, 30 October 2016

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Toronto / Brampton

Come to the Temple
I went two blocks east and two south to get to the Staples stationary store from our temple ashram.  It was an adjustment to make to this fall, Halloween weather—slightly nippy, wet, and fresh, after coming back from India.

I asked the store clerk (or one of them) “Where can I find your Hilroy notebooks?”

“Just down this aisle, sir!” he said while pointing straight ahead.  “Kailash, will you help him?”

So, there was Kailash, another worker.  He remembered me.  He’s been to the temple several times.  He seemed happy about that, as much as he appeared content with  his work and being busy.  Kailash and I chatted as, at my request, he showed me some white-boards.

“Please come this weekend.  We’ll celebrate Diwali (New Year’s) on Sunday, then Govardhan Puja (another fest) Monday.”

“I’ll really try,” said Kailash.

My exchange at the payment counter for the Hilroy was a continuity of sorts.

“ISKCON?” said the clerk.

“Yes, Hare Krishna!”

“I’m from Bangladesh.  I have gone many times to the temple in Sylhet.  Is the problem over between the people from the mosque across the street and the Krishna temple?”

I told him I wasn’t too aware of the details and hopefully peace will reign.  “We celebrate Diwali; please come to our temple here.”  It’s all about hospitality.

Speaking of which, in Brampton a jovial sanga was held at the home of Hatish and Rita, for chanting, philosophy and feasting.  People came.  Our message was the same.

“Celebrate Diwali with us this weekend!”

May the Source be with you!

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