Saturday, 22 October 2016

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Mumbai, India
A Monk Is a Preceptor
I’m being engaged—unfortunately, not so much by way of walking.  A helpful massage came to me at the end of the day, and stretches were executed that aided in circulation of the blood.  Activation was increased in body parts that are usually asleep.

The last three mornings, I cut out of the Bhagavatam listening in order to go for hour-long interview sessions.  For future broadcast on Desire Tree, I was questioned on topics to do with anything from “How did you become a monk?” to “What is the status of women, and  same-sex oriented people?”

The interviewers, Jagannath and Dudhamrit, milked me for all I had, but I enjoyed it.  Disseminating the Vedic perspective is a privilege for me as much as it is a mandate for the renounced order.  A monk is a teacher with words, and at the very least, with behaviour.  Some of our comrades are quiet by nature.  Introvert versus extrovert does exist, yet everyone in the saffron attire is expected to be some kind of preceptor.

When I’m back home, in Canada, I have a regular dental check-up.  My dentist doesn’t charge for the services.  I thank him for helping me and his remark is usually, “You are doing something for humanity, so let me reciprocate.”

I then reflect. “Oh yeah, I’m in a role that attempts to inspire others.  I’m not set out to reinforce the materialistic way of life.  I may not do such a good job at it.  When I sit or mingle with my god-brothers, I consider ‘Who am I compared to them?’”

May the Source be with you!

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