Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Mumbai, India

Surrender to the Sand
Some of the young monks from the area offered an invite to walk the Juhu Beach as the sun was about to arise.  I surrendered.  We took to the beach to walk and to engage in japa (bead chanting)—both, simultaneously.

During daylight hours and perhaps even at night, much Durga-puja goes on.  It is worship of the Goddess.  This entails the use of flowers, garlands and many coconuts.  Unfortunately, most worshippers are not very responsible with their paraphernalia.  The items are left to the waves, sand and water.

We do a bit of dodging of these articles for passageway.  In the course of the walk, pedestrians do greet us.  They know our clothes.

“Hare Krishna!” they say, and we reciprocate.

“There goes Guru Prasad Swami,” I point out.  The Juhu Beach is a daily trail for him.  Just about everyone and every object comes here.  Dogs who are stray love the beach.  Crows also make their appearance.  There's always foodstuff they can poke and tear at.

It’s a sweat session, the walking part.  Humidity is in the air.  The slight breeze does little to temper the situation.  But, the association makes it also a sweet session.

We did some photos.  Iconic poses. (Check Instagram: the walking monk).

One more thing about today, after the walk, it was guru-puja time at the temple.  Cameras—both hand-held and one hooked up to a big crane—were moving about.  What a privilege it was to be asked to lead the song with cameras coming and going.

May the Source be with you!

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