Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Sunday, April 19th, 2015
Regina, Saskatchewan


Often, for me, the most reflective or introspective times occur during that brief or long walk.  While Kasyapa was pumping gas to fuel our vehicle en route to Regina on Highway 11, I put in a request to walk.  There was an extra kilometre I gained for distance sake and for thought.  The thoughts projected me into the future, the not so far future.  And in that short span of time some flashbacking to the past took place.  I, no doubt, had to address the ‘in the moment’, while watching my steps over dry and sleepy grass that was ready to turn over for the spring to come up. 

One thought replaces another just as one foot comes down to replace the former.  In this way life rolls on with every physical move and every mental thought.  I always anticipate that with every move forward there will be forward thinking to accompany it.

The Iskcon centre in Regina on Retallick Street is interesting.  The interior reminds me of my mental status at times.  There’s a new floor, but upon it rests furniture that is mismatched, and walls are overdone with pictures and images, although they are sacred.  It looked cluttered.  The attendance of worshipers and meditators was average in number.  They were sweet people and one girl had come to honour her birthday event sponsored  by her dad.

I was given a full hour to speak on a conclusive verse from the Gita, verse 18.66, wherein we are all advised to surrender to the absolute power.  The prasadam (consecrated food) was totally divine.  As we relished the Sunday Feast which is known the world over in Iskcon centres, the dhal (lentil spiced soup) was from another realm.

It was post feast time when I took to Albert Street for one last walking installment for the day.  I was with a person who I felt was moving forward in not only foot movement, but in thought.  There was some confession of sorts, confusion, and pain expressed, but in the course of our stepping forward, I believe, some hope and resolve was on this particular soul’s horizon. 

May the Source be with you!

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