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Monday, May 11th, 2015

Monday, May 11th, 2015             
Hawking Hills, Ohio

Where We Like To Be

Akhila, my dear friend from Salem, Ohio, and Eklavya, origin New York City and I spent the greater part of the day in a van to get to this little paradise.  After what seemed like the long and winding road (the only Beatles song I never cared for), we finally made it to the area of Old Man’s Cave to settle into a cozy world class cabin.  A creek runs in front of this rustic place nestled in a cool and green deciduous forest. 

It was our full intention to hit trails, waterfalls, and cliffs, which are some of the features that the area is renowned for.  But a heavy storm set into the state of Ohio, and surrounding areas, which restricted our chances for wonderland adventure.  With high winds, rain, and high powered lightening, we were reminded of God’s greatness, and our meagerness – always a good message.

We spent the last hours of the day, preparing and eating a fine organic meal, with Eklavya juicing up Asparagus, celery and other greens; with Akhila toasting and I gathering dandelion leaves outside the cabin deck.  Our dessert was not orally taken, but through the ears.  I couldn’t help myself to reading aloud for the three of us segments of the book “Prabhupada” and of his early days in New York struggling along and alone, seemingly.

Actually, a monk is never alone, but conscious of the divinity all around him.  That is what is good about being in the forest, feeling the presence of the sublime energy and the sublime energetic Krishna.

It will be in three years time that Eklavya will be ordained as a full fledged monk, known as sannyasa, and spending some time in the quiet forest prepares oneself.  This place, Hawking Hills, is a good fit for him.

May the Source be with you!

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