Sunday, 24 May 2015

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Friday, May 1st, 2015
Montreal, Quebec

Creatures Sly and Beautiful

The fox was staring at us, but only for seconds.  He stood there and then moved.  Naturally, he wasn’t going to share with us what was in his mouth.  He worked hard to get that squirrel in between his jaws.  Poor squirrel wasn’t moving, his life force was gone.  He was ready to transfer to a new body, leaving the current one for someone’s breakfast. 

Three monks and I spotted more fox in the Botanical Gardens in and around Le Jardin de Chine.  It was after dawn and the red hunters with the flowy tails were out on the prowl.  For years I’ve heard this amazing creature gekkering, barking, calling, and then doing something called vixen screaming.  The fox is so diverse in making sounds, yet this morning, the ones we spotted were absolutely silent. 

Noise of the weekend began to drum up as afternoon rolled out.  The same team of monks who spotted fox in the morning were now on Saint Catherine’s street to deliver the mantras to the foxy ladies and the foxy people in general (I was one of those monks).  “Foxy” as I understand it, and as Jimmy Hendrix used it in his favourite song, refers to sly ad beautiful.  Yes, we were noticing that people were milling up and down the street, some for socializing, going for a drink or shopping.  Some were dressed to kill, in a way – hunting. 

I felt that we were doing our job out there on our favourite activity – harinam sankirtan (chanting in public).  The public was really loving it.  People joined us in singing and some doing a jig.  One fellow, however, gawked at us, stopped for a few seconds to give a good stare, analyzed us, and then went in another direction.  He behaved just like the fox with the squirrel. 

May the Source be with you!

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