Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

We Cross the Street With…

From Montreal, Pradyumna and I detrained at Union Station in Toronto.  Once reaching the street level, we patiently waited for the red to turn green at the street light.  Two young women were also at the street light ready to do the same.  One of the girls, however, started to make a dash and got about one quarter of the way across when the second one called her back.  She did pull back.

I felt compelled to jump in with words, “You don’t want to go out there and turn out flat like a pizza, do you?”

The two girls who were quite facially garnished with makeup did start laughing.  The red light turned green and the four of us moved ahead with the two young women becoming curious.  The one asked, “What’s with the…?”  (Clothes, she was referring to.)

“They are robes, I’m a monk, a Krishna monk.” 

To that the young woman came back, “What’s a monk?” 

“One who leads a simple life…”

And she cut in, saying, “Well, I have a simple life, I’m telling you.”  I think she was referring to a meagre bank balance or a tight budget.  “Can I be a monk?”

“Yes, you can, but we might call you a nun.”

“Oh, I get it, it’s one name for the men and another for the women.”

I said, “Yes, indeed.  Please come and visit us sometime.  Here’s my card.  There’s a mantra on the other side.  If you like, you can try out being a nun for a weekend, stay with us, learn, and love (God).”

Our ride arrived.  Pradyumna and I made it to the vehicle and the driver, Keshava.  We bid farewell to our newly made friends, the happy cross the street girls. 

May the Source be with you!

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