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Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Two Worlds

I trekked through Rosedale on this perfect day.  Everyone is out, feeling the same way – enthused.  People in their convertibles with the tops down are in ecstasy.  Runners hit every piece of pavement with hot feet, and then the cyclists breeze by as if there was no stopping them.  Birds also enjoy a kind of freedom that only they know.  As for other living entities, it’s a burst or explosion of colour or smell.  Signs of spring.

While all seems fine within my purview, in another part of the world, in earthquaked Nepal, people are undergoing an anguish of such incredible magnitude, hard to conceive.  Death.  Buildings crumbled.  Piles of bodies.  Homelessness.  Family members displaced.  People trapped under debris.  Injuries.  Lack of food and water.  Disease.  Lack of sleep.  Inability to access or assist. 

The world is praying for their release.  Food supplies and human basics are attempting to make their way to victims.  There is lots of confusion.  Nothing is easy to remedy or fix.  It will take not days, but months before everything normalizes.  This is tragic. 

What a paradox – my world and the one just described.  As bhakti yogis, it is not out of line for us to chant mantras on behalf of victims of this tragedy.  We can’t be too insensitive and say, “That’s their karma,” and leave it at that.  Let us not be so quick to judge or to pass judgment in such situations.  The immediate response to any calamity requires speedy and helpful aid.

May the Source be with you!

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