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Friday, April 24th, 2015

Friday, April 24th, 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan

At Ann Arbor

We went on an outing (when am I not?) to Ann Arbor, the University town.  Our intent to engage in some singing by the park and the heart of student campus life.  The group of us from Ypsilanti, headed by an outstanding American, Dev Madhava, took to chanting at a period in the semester when exams are in session. 

With exams in the forefront of everyone’s mind, there’s no wonder I felt a bit of glumness in the air, if not feeling their tension despite the glowing sun filled day.  At least, I would like to think that our chanting party which was stoic in one spot, and then moving about the campus the rest of the time, was simply there to cheer up the atmosphere in some way.  Perhaps the maha mantra that we were chanting could be interpreted as a mark of auspicious or a brain stimulator. 

Actually, someone in the crowd at the campus demonstrated a minus in the grim department.  His name is Pete, and he had come to join us in what I would call our cute dance skip, as we made our way along the campus grounds. 

Pete had picked up on our spirit, in fact, at first glance at him, I would call him a free spirit.  His hair of ponytail style was bunned up and his printed hoodie gave a semblance of someone who’s a type of backpacker.  Here’s a sort of a giveaway – when he joined us he was a slight bulge eyed and happy as he pulled out a small pair of Buddhist hand cymbals which he began to play. 

Honestly, Pete so much enjoyed being with us that he decided to stay with and even drive with us in the evening to Farmington, for I was to conduct a seminar on kirtan standards.

To Pete, I wish him the best, hoping he’ll never leave the company of Krishna spiritualists. 

May the Source be with you!

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