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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015
Canton, Michigan

A Wedding

Most people like to be at a good wedding for the bride looks gorgeous and the groom is handsome, and where it’s a feel good situation, and where parents from both parties are in attendance.  That’s what it was like today, in matrimony of Vitaliy and Ananda Rupa.  Oops!  I forgot to mention about the fabulous feast at the end. 

The priest, Jambavan, had his mighty army of four of his eight kids to assist him in the samskar, or sacrament, which entails a glorious fire emerging from the sacred pit.  There was his speech and mine.  I chose to quote from the Gita, 18.5, “Acts of sacrifice, charity and penance, are not to be given up; they must be performed, indeed, sacrifice, charity and penance purify even the great souls.”  It was also requested to speak after the wedding feast was over, but my thought was, “No, we’re going to sing and dance,” that’s what we did. 

The event took place in the Hindu temple in Canton, a great facility.  What I found most interesting was meeting a younger man in the WC area who had a profound interest in monastic life. 

“So, you’ve been a monk for how long?”

“42 years,” I said. 

“What do you do about the sex urge?”

I said, “Get busy, such as pick up a drum and beat it and chant like crazy.”

“How long does the urge stay in a person’s life?”

“It should diminish in time as you mature in years.”

The fellow had a slew of questions to follow.  I asked him if celibacy was an omission of his, and he remarked that he’s been contemplating it for some time.  I assured him that the key principle to follow was  a focus on superior engagement, “Let there be determination and a concentration on devotional service, and as long as that keep you enriched and fulfilled, nothing like the fleeting urges of lust can swerve you from the prime function.”

May the Source be with you!

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