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Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015      
Canton and Cleveland, Ohio

Herb Awareness

Atmarama is the name of the person who hosted us in his home in Canton.  He treated Eklavya and myself to nearby park, McKinley Park.  It is named after one of the former presidents of the USA.  McKinley hails from this small city and is also memorialized here at a monument erected some time after his assassination which was in 1901.  Atmarama also informed us that Canton is the place where the Hover Vacuum Cleaner was invented.

It was certainly an herbal walk that we embarked upon as much as it was a history lesson.  Along the way, we spotted greens that we knew, or chewed on, or dreamed of foraging for the next wild forestry meal.  This is certainly the time of the year for this kind of thing. 

Once reaching the city of Cleveland (after the Canton venture), I invested in a short second walk with Jatayu, a devotee who deals with autistic kids.  The metro parks is a place where we have tread before.  Herbs was the fascination once again.  Some of with are similar to, or different from, the ones in Canton.  We were not the only ones to see God’s hand at work here in the form of plants.  Other forest lovers were also out and about.

One fellow, a jogger, on this up and down train, loves Jesus.  He stopped and insisted on us reading the book of John.  We explained that we both had a Christian upbringing.  But what we had to say, fell on deaf ears.  We were to listen to him and so we patiently heard him out.  A one way street conversation it was.  We did give, “the last word” so to speak, before moving on.  “Hare Krishna”.

Our closure to the day happened in the evening at the home of Don Foose (Dayal Nitai).  The kirtan we had was arousing.  It felt like all involved were like herbs exploding out of the ground at springtime.  Incidentally, Doyal had just come out with a beautiful hard book, ‘Raw Life’ by Kung-Foose Publishing .   Recipes and the story of his life are featured.  There is no mystery here about his being a Krishna consciousness person.

May the Source be with you!

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