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Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
Toronto, Ontario

Three Together

I have for some time been anticipating the visit of two cross-Canada walkers.  Dana Miece has covered 20,000 km on foot on the trans-Canada trail, and Michael Oesch had done the stretch from Toronto to Newfoundland and back, and then Toronto to the west coast.  Both of these gentlemen I consider my heroes, and I believe it works totally mutual in admiration amongst the three of us.  Dana’s walking sponsor had kept him happily detained for our agreed upon first ever gathering, which was lunch at Govinda’s restaurant in our ashram.  We had a brief sit down for a light lunch, our little trio had the chance to share some of our individual trials and triumphs on the road. 

One thing that really took me by surprise about us, on first impression, is that none of us, whether it be Michael, Dana, or myself, appear physically slim or trim.  I’m not saying we are out of shape either, but for serious marathon walkers, you might expect for us all to have a little bit closer to a Hanuman look. 

Due to the shortage of time, we did not delve into spiritual topics, although, I know Michael to be spiritual, and to have been deeply transformed from his sojourn.  He personally told me in the past that his long trek across Canada was a real purger.  And Dana, well, I only know of him when we spoke over the phone on a few occasions, once shortly after he was hospitalized for having contracted what’s called Beaver Fever.  My knowing him is more limited, although upon meeting him, I felt an instant camaraderie, and even at our first conversation.  Treading a long trail is known by few, so when a group of guys get together who have done just that, they reach common ground. 

It was a short but sweet union of sorts, and we expect another get together before Dana returns to his walking or whatever.  It was the day’s highlight for me.

May the Source be with you!

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