Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Saturday, April 11th, 2015



My day started with some trekking along Jarvis Street in Toronto, a head start en route to the airport before my driver would pick me up.  Who knows if I’d get the chance otherwise to do what I need to do and love to do, stretching the legs.  While trekking at the early hour 4:45, some people partying from a second floor veranda looked down below and sent me a ‘Namaste’.  I reciprocated, and with a “Hare Krishna” too.  I gather from this encounter and many more like this that the world is slowly becoming Vedic.

Much later in the day, I found myself at Unity Yoga, a studio just off of Commercial Drive in Vancouver.  I was asked to give a schpeil on my walking experiences, so I did.  I was in the room with about 40 folks, mostly Caucasian, whom I consider incremental Vedic people. 

I opened up with a ‘Namaste’ and then, ‘Hare Krishna’, and then took off from there on, lessons and happenings along the pilgrims trail.  I threw in a few jokes, but ultimately emphasized that each and every one of us are essentially spiritual beings on a journey.  “We are not these bodies, we are spirits.  We have an obligation to cultivate our spiritual side.”  There were other people leading the chant, Katelin and Nitai Priya.  We had the most ecstatic dance at the end of the evening.  The kirtan, the chant and dance enjoyed by all, and the healthy prasadam consumed, confirms that the world is going directions east.  Namaste!

May the Source be with you!

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