Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Saturday, April 4th, 2015

Durban, South Africa

Guy From the Street

It was a hard and yet fun full day at the site of the festival.  I was immersed in staging the drama “Sati”, a story of heroism the wife of Lord Shiva.  She stood up against her own father's mistreatment towards her due to the malice he felt over her husband Shiva.  In any event the story was highly appreciated in its presentation well rendered by my usual local crew from Durban and Pretoria mostly.

One other person who pitched into help in the production, back stage, was a fellow from another city in South Africa – Newcastle. He agreed to walk with me, a short distance really, to his hotel.  From there I was to be picked up for the journey to my flat in Chatsworth. After a day of people, it really was an ideal “chill”.  It's also unusual to have so much rain happening in Durban at this time.

Mathuranath from Newcastle, and I, took those unwinding steps under an umbrella when a young man, a Zulu, squeezed his way through a fence to access the streets.  He began speaking and even boasting about his life in the street.  “I spent three years in Joburg, then some time in Pretoria and now I've been in Durban for a few month living on the street.  Sometimes I stay under a bridge.  But yah know as long as yah live, right?” I could not one hundred per cent agree with his philosophy on life but he had an upbeat attitude towards living and didn't mind saying “Hare Krishna” a few times in his dialogue with us.

May the Source be with ou!

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