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Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Toronto, Ontario
Really Reaching Out
“Where attention goes, energy flows,” is the common phrase I hear from my dear friend Vaisesika. This “mantra”, if you will, he uses in reference to the personal commitment, thought and compassion he directs to those who struggle and are pushed to the edge of society. He gives attention to meeting people and sharing the wisdom of the Gita. People respond. Results are achieved.
In this connection I was thinking as of late about my dear God brothers and sisters that I shared time with in the early days of our spiritual endeavors. I was hankering more and more to see them, especially since the sudden departure of one American friend, Jnanagamya. At yesterday’s trip to Owen Sound I shared some time with Drupada and Garuda, both early birds in Krishna Consciousness in Toronto. Because I put attention to seeking companionship, through the ether a little miracle evolved. I had in the evening poised myself to give the Gita class by applying my last bit of tilak (devotional markings) to the body, when I received a call from sister Bhakta-vasya from Vancouver Island. I hadn’t seen her for years. Then out of the blue… this call.
It was 4:10 this morning and I received a call from our friend Premarnava from West Virginia. Again I hadn’t heard from him in years. At 5:20, Devata from northern Ontario called expressing his thanks for whatever in the past. Really what I experienced with this sudden flood of communication within this twelve-hour period was the intervention of some Divine force.
You know what? I’m going to try to give more attention to the right spots and then see what happens.
May the Source be with you!
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