Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sunday, April 5th, 2015

Durban, South Africa


More rain.  More greyness.  I don't mind.  Temperatures are comfortable.

Even in the tent called “Bhakti Cloud”, designed as a young person's place for devotional dance, it gets hot.  It's usually like being in a sweat lodge.  And I'm supposed to be the “dance master”.  That's how it’s dubbed.  I'm the dance master.  Today with cooled down temperatures it was pleasant.

What happened during that session, some women had come from church, stumbled upon our fest and joined in our improvised dance.  My God! Did they work up a sweat!  They were Zulu, rather elderly, and not slim but they got everyone going with their Zulu steps to the djembe beat and the mantra I was resounding.  They were appareled in their Sunday dresses and hats.  They were enjoying the rousing music and took it, I am sure, like a Gospel-thumping ecstasy dance.

That one-half hour session went in a flash.  Time takes on a different meaning when caught in the fever of devotion. It's a timeless zone.  You can chuck out your watch and forget tomorrow.  A sumptuous of transcendence.  It's a great moment, or non moment if you will.

May the source be with you!

5 KM

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