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Friday, March 27th, 2015

Belle Mare, Mauritius
Part 3 - Final part of “Krishna and Kids”
Krishna is often profiled as the tender of the cows, a recreationist, a lover, an administrator, a philosopher... He relishes wrestling with His buddies, but with demons, it's an all out fight to the finish. After the kill, He offers a huge blessing in the form of moksha, liberation of the soul from the body. How cool! He puts them totally out of their misery. Krishna is ultimately soft, even to the hard hearted. Lord have mercy! He's so benevolent.
When the adorable blue-toned cowherd king, Krishna, grew up a bit more, He would start making these trips outside of Vrindavan. Everyone in the village would miss Him. It was suggested through a messenger by the name of Uddhava, that everyone deal with their feeling of separation by perceiving His yogic expansion as Paramatma, to explore His mystical presence in everyone's heart. However, the suggestion fell flat on the ears of the emotional gopis, whose attitude was, “Give us a break, please.” All they want is to see Him as they know Him, the attractive young country boy.
With all that we have addressed here about Krishna's childhood affairs, His kaumara stage, we appreciate His accessibility and how He locks Himself into meaningful relationships with His youthful confidantes. Krishna is so relatable. Yet, there is still much more to his profile that contributes to His profile that contributes to His fullness. He is much more than a human being. We have merely touched the tip of the iceberg regarding His attributes which have no trace of true mundaneness, but only of transcendence so far as eternity, cognition and pleasure are concerned.
Musician, George Harrison, writes in the forward of another good read, “Krishna: the Supreme Personality of Godhead” (also written by Prabhupada), “You can actually see God and hear Him, play with Him. It might sound crazy, but He is actually there, actually with you.”
It becomes relatively easy to gain a perception of God when we look at the world with childlike wonder, when we minimize our egocentric existence, and explore the true inner child.
My address to young people is, “Be charmed by Him. You may end up with Him as His chum, and befriend His animals as playmates-, the cows, the calves, the deer, and maybe even kids (baby goats ) .” A word of caution: everything begins with the “I am the servant of the Supreme” attitude. Otherwise, you don't have a chance to be in Krishna's dance.
End of “Kids and Krishna” article.
May the Source be with you!
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