Friday, 3 April 2015

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Owen Sound, Ontario
From Snow to Food
To Harrison Falls we went. Located on the environmentally sensitive Niagara Escarpment near its northern stretch in Ontario, this is an example of nature’s boast. The waters are of the Syndenham River System. It’s gorgeous. Before interaction with humans (even though scheduled to be with fellow bhakti-yogis), I felt it necessary on a daily basis to make a touchdown with Bhumi, the earth. I would declare myself a psychological disaster if I did not have a break from people. Down-time is a must.
Crunching along with footsteps over cracking snow and ice along a nearby trail were my Michigan associates, one benevolent soul from Brampton, and myself. From out-of-shade areas the sun gave instant warmth to our backs and its light reflection on the white surface below provided only optimism—Krishna’s mercy.
Our walking was terminated for our stop-over at a weekly Sunday feast held at the Hanna family’s. I was asked to speak of my pilgrimage to India but the highlight after the chanting was indeed the food. Sanctified as prasadam, it was contentment to the palate. The veggies and especially pakoras (veggie fritters) were lightly spiced with hing.
I was also able to make it back in time for the feast at the big city, Toronto. Here “gourmet-like” was the food which was fine. Bless the cooks they did their very best. It’s hard to cook for four-hundred people. Before the crowd and before eating I actually feasted through my ears. Yes I found hearing myself read was relishable. Don’t get me wrong! It’s less of an ego thing. It was the content that counted. I was reading of the boat adventure of our guru when he first came to America 50 years ago. Astounding to hear.
May the Source be with you!
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