Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday, March 6th, 2015


War Zone?

It felt like a war zone, really it did. With Holi festival upon us major attacks of coloured powder venture your way. Tourists and pilgrims come to Vraj (Vrindavan) to experience the full tilt of, in the minds of some, an exhilarating event. Some people consider it a nuisance because whether dry or wet application, your clothes, your skin, your house or car gets splattered with the stuff. I'm less inclined towards this type of partying. Tradition has it that Sri Krishna Himself, in sporting with colours centuries ago as a youth, He targeted His gopas and gopis (cowherd friends, both boys and girls). From one point of view the town gets literally coloured, especially with a gorgeous pink-to-violet tone. Looks kind of pretty. And it is a stress reliever. People are happy. It seems like good clean fun. At least I don't see any beer drinking related to it.

On the more dark side I witnessed passion play out from our slowly moving car destined for Noida. Our doors were locked and it's good they were. Enough enthusiasts attempted entry while we were in motion, ready to hurl a good dose of powder. In the frenzy of it all a brawl was about to start nearby and I also saw a young woman, a tourist, get quite clobbered by the colour, much to her dismay.

My story in brief is that after breakfast at the home of Gopal and Avatari (friends), we went through the back stairs, scaled a fence and ran for what seemed our lives with kids well armed that we apparently dodged. That's why I say it was like a battlefield. With candor, I admit though that the rowdiness and prank-prone antics of parties in the west are far more aggressive. In general Asia has got some points ahead of the west when it comes to the spirit of a big party. My opinion!

May the source be with you!

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