Friday, 3 April 2015

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Etobicoke, Ontario

Show You Love Thy Neighbour

“Love thy neighbour as much as thy self.”

You’ve all heard this phrase from Jesus.  It’s a good one to put into practice.

It happened yesterday that I walked in the neighbourhood of our ashram when I passed by a window display of an art shop whose owner I had known.  I haven’t seen Don for a long time.  He opened up shop 26 years ago, and has been running a successful business selling his and other artist’s works.  I thought to do the neighbourly thing, the human thing, stop my stepping , drop in and say hello. 

Don’s hospitable wife mans (or womans) the shop, and graciously lead me to the basement where Don is often at work.  As usual, he’s got this smile.  We started talking.  He asked me if I noticed the main painting on display.  “No, sorry, I didn’t notice,” I said. 

Don said, “It’s by…” (and I forgot the name, but it’s someone who collaborated working with Andy Warhol.  Don informed me that it’s probably worth 5 million.

“Is that right?”  He went on to talk about his passion, his art, and I could see how he was loving it.  I told him of my recent trip to India and of pilgrimage.  It was a mutual, neighbourly exchange worth much more than 5 million.  I know if I sped by Don’s shop in a car, I wouldn’t bother checking in on Don, but because I was on foot, I had every reason and opportunity to be human.

“Hare Krishna, Don.”

May the Source be with you!

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