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Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Flacq, Mauritius
Kids & Krishna
I have very little to say about walking since most of my time was spent in the air. Yet once I landed I was handed the recent copy of a glossy annual periodical from our Bon Acceuil community. I was asked to write an article, “Kids and Krishna”, in a two or three day series. I wanted to share it:
 “Kids and Krishna”
When I was a kid, my elementary school teacher detested the term “kid” explaining that the word, by definition, refers to the offspring of goats. She insisted that the word not be used out of context. She was not kidding around.
So I'll start again. When I was a child, I used to question God’s age. Not only was I inquisitive about “How old?” but “What is He like?” “Where does He reside?” “What does He do?”.
In our catechism (the Catholic version of Sunday school) we were told in one way or the another that God has always been around, that He's kind, but sometimes gets angry over the ridiculous things we do. He also creates and then destroys. He's compassionate and loving. Over all He's the coolest dude.
The deepest impression of God's age, I found, was documented by way of pictures from Michelangelo's massive depiction of God creating man in the form of Adam. On the ceiling of the world’s most famous room, the Sistine Chapel, God is portrayed as this muscular, yet greying, but full and wavy-haired elderly man. As an adolescent I was so much moved by art masters such as Michelangelo that I started to dabble with painting. Eventually, I assumed that “The creation of Adam” was merely an artist conception and perhaps I don't need to accept the subject so literally.
To be continued...
May the Source be with you!
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