Monday, 16 January 2012

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Chair Sculpture

Dallas, Texas

The morning sights and sounds of east Dallas. Pecans are strewn over the sidewalks, winds strike them down from their treetops. And, as every year, the roosters crow in this 95% dominant Mexican neighbourhood, to the awakening of the day. Dogs are also prevalent, tough ones, barriered behind yard fences, thank God. I hit the trail. Once a railway line that runs next to Santa Fe Street. One direction takes you to White Rock Lake, the other to downtown. The temperature reached this day's zenith at 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice.

"Why couldn't we have meetings while walking?" I thought. "The oxygen is awesome outside." My reason for being in Dallas is to attend meetings, or to put it more casually, 'knocking heads' with the devotional kind. Surely no one will buy in to the outdoor rendezvous, but it was a thought.

The second reason reason for the flight to Dallas was to provide some theatrical entertainment for the group, which are coming from various corners of Canada and the US. This is a special service I like to provide. God also loves entertainment, theatre to be more precise. The epics of the Ramayan, Mahabharat and stories of the Bhagavat
Purana, are all the productions of God that have been recorded practically as script, and when you consider that script and scripture are so similar, it leads you to wonder about the root word. As part of our dramatical warm up exercise for the first night's practice, our group of 5 pushed for creativity. The exercise was to stack readily available metal chairs, up to balance, upon each other, all held up by one single chair. Remarkably, we measured up to 9 chairs with this chair sculpture. This practice allowed us to build up team spirit and cooperation, which is vital when a group is working on a project, even
for God's sake.

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