Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Friday, December 30th, 2011


Toronto, Ontario

What a grand day of surprises - mostly good! Firstly, another accident destined vehicle going down the Dupont/Avenue Road area, spun out of control and this time it hit our temple/ashram building. It totalled our north barriered fence while the driver did survive. Thank God!

Next surprise! I received a call from Dr. Vikram Jal in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. He told me of the good news that the deal is done; that a property not far from his home has been purchased, a building on one acre for monk-training purposes.

Our head brahmachari (monk) in Canada, Nitai Ram, originating by this purchase of a space that will provide facility for men who want to have that monk experience. Students will come there to have the full on Krishna Conscious training for taking to a time of learning, discipline and fun all wrapped up in one. We are ever so grateful to Vikram for being so progressive and so generous, I can't thank him enough.

Shortly after Vikram's call I received a notice slip from the local Post Office. Post Office? Who uses those places these days in the time of electronic dispatches? My good friend Akilananda from Ohio had sent me a cast mold of the footprints of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the historic world leader of mantra disemination. Chaitanya was a great walker and a great guru of bhakti. This imprint will adorn a space on our second floor where we have a pictorial display of Chaitanya. Thanks, Akilananda! You are a good friend.

Finally, without expectation, I received a gift in the form of a book, "Surprises Around the Bend" by Richard A. Hasler. Talk about surprises! Here's a great publication about 50 adventurous walks among them Francis of Assisi, John Bunyan, Mother Theresa and the Peace Pilgrim. I am indebted to Ananda Vrindavan for the thoughtful gift. I recall walking through her town in Ireland in 2008. How thougtful of her. My obeisance! This is one of the best days of my life.

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