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Friday, January 13th, 2012

Disperse It

Dallas, Texas

My curiosity took me through some bush area near White Rock Lake. Some of the vegetation I couldn't identify. Texas is to the far south of Canada, and it is relatively a rather dry state, hence, a different planet in some respects. The foot worn path I was on became more and
more narrowed as I meandered on and which finally lead to human habitat - a makeshift camp - a squatters domain. No one was there at the time, the time being my break from meetings, and the time of absence for the occupant.

He had a great set up for himself from what I could see. A blue plastic tarpaulin for a ceiling and including three walls. A metal framed fold out cotter bed with a matching blue comforter. Lots of paraphernalia was there, a pot for cooking, likely for fish, as I saw a fishing rod leaned against a tree. Knowing that the lake and river are a mere 5 minute trek from location, the fellow's got it made, I thought.

The path clearly ended with the squatters super deluxe set up and it was slightly unsettling hanging around. How would the occupant take my intrusion if he was to suddenly show up? Perhaps my assumption that here's a person who doesn't have full equilibrium is justified.

Confirmation came, from Randy. After I left the squatter's haven and returned to a bona fide path, Randy, a cyclist stopped wheeling when he saw a robe-clad me. He works in the psychiatric field. "Most homeless have mental issues," he said. Randy deals with people of that challenge almost everyday. He proposed that their path is difficult. "I spend much of my time just listening to these people." He also said hat mental illness coupled with drug consumption is so damaging. The biggest part of the cure is to give some attention - to be human.

Randy and I parted. I resumed sitting with colleagues back at our meeting place. I just couldn't help remembering that giving attention, giving some love is what cures all.

Let us take into consideration this point; the ultimate love is with God and when you genuinely embrace that love and attention it needs to be dispersed to all.

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