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Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Work Me As If I'm Your Chappati Dough
Miami, Florida
Three kind souls came to greet me at the Miami Airport. Garga Muni, Raghini and Rupa Manjari arrived a few minutes late. Not their fault, but the plane arrived early. I was set to be in the city for 2.5 days not knowing where I was to serve.
There was mention of an itinerary so I was glad someone worked on a schedule. But as far as I was concerned I remarked to the three, "Mold me, shape me, as you like."
As I recall when my Guru, Srila Prabhupada came to visit us in Canada in '76, he asked us, "What is it you want me to do while I'm here?" I took to copycatting that mood. It is a mood that would enhance surrender to the will of Krsna, Guru and devotees.
After delivering the Sunday message from the Gita before the congregation I announced, "Now I request questions or comments. I have nothing to hide." I implied that if anyone wants to shape a question, I will shape an answer. In other words I was opening myself to be rolled around a bit and have some fun. I'm like a batch of chappati dough and very stiff and hard. I need to be engaged and if you use me, I'll warm up and become pliable. Some students from Saint Thomas University were taking a course in world religions and posed some questions after my presentation. They were so eager.
While during the course of the day, I had set ideas on how to use my time, but being a spiritual master, I have to make myself available to the public needs.
If the mental application is applied, "I'm your chappati dough." I believe one day I'll be shaped into perfectround paddy and will be offered to the flame and then presented to Krsna. I will then be cooked to perfection.
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