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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Through Fields That Lie Fallow

Gainsville, Florida

 Life is easygoing in the Florida countryside. Kind Anil and wife, Vidhya, and their sons Aravind, 13, and Gopal, 4, came to fetch me at quaint Gainesville Airport. With our drive to their home I would see a dry but pleasant temperature atmosphere. By the ditch a couple of turkey vultures were downing some obscure roadkill. And there are fields of fallow space separated by trees of Spanish moss cover.

Our trek over the fields was a treat. A deliberate route by their edges provided shade until all became shade for the absence of the sun. Gopal is too young for the walk and stayed at the house as Aravind babysat his younger sibling. And Aravind had some catching up to do with schoolwork. It left us three adults to be in the fields, to chant, to chat and to dream a little.

The dreaming is so necessary. And whenever I get together with friends such as Sesa and Yugala who came for soup at night with their families, we usually discuss and ponder about the world and how things could probably go better with our spiritual mission and us. And as usual, we part our ways after some thoughts hoping that some of our aspirations will become realities.

So, there you have it – some hours with friends at a peaceful neighbourhood, with moderate climate, surrounded by fields of great potential and you have all the hope imaginable. You have God. You have guru. You have some experience and you think, “I’ve got it made!”

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