Sunday, 22 January 2012

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Clapping Away

Mississauga, Ontario

Some days the feet are unhappy. Due to numerous obligations the hour permit little time in the day for flexing legs. This evening however, our hands were in creative motion.

During kirtan chanting our guru, Srila Prabhupada, had spoken about how the lines on your hands, which determine very much your destiny (as in palm reading) can be altered. When clapping before the deity of Krishna, as kirtan resounds, the markings can change to a more blessed situation.

At the 25th Anniversary of the Grovers we did clap, not just to congratulate the occasion, but in celebration of our life in Krishna Consciousness. A good fifty or so people took to smacking the hands in time with tempo. Dhira Grahi, a Ukranian devotee, and Jitu, a local born, second generation devotee, led our group in kirtan. For those not so accustomed, their palms turned red.

Since I wasn't able to squeeze in much time for wearing down or altering the etchings on my soles I thought, "the hands will have to do." The result was an exuberant devotional expression with palms. To facilitate clapping even more the torso, arms and head also go in motion. Clapping is a perfect time keeper. It also keeps the kirtan perked up. It engages a good part of the body. In many cultures the bringing together of hands to make noise is an expression of appreciation. It is also a device to get attention or or to send off and strike fear in an adversary or a flock of birds eating your orchard fruit.

Clapping is effective. We don't do it enough. It's the perfect cheer-leading practice.

As of late, when I'm asked to lead a chanting session, I often decline the hand cymbals or kartals often used to add a sweetness and timing to the sound. I ask someone else to play them while I have the freedom to use my hands in some unique way.

Come to think of it, my hands are my upper feet, my arms my upper legs. I've found a great use for them.

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