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Monday, October 31st, 2011

Inspiration from Optimistic Words

Toronto, Ontario

Each morning Praveen faithfully reads a passage from the Gita to our small group of fifteen residents in the ashram. I particularly like today's reading from the purport of 1:21-22.

"The relationship between the Lord and His servitor is very sweet and transcendental. The servitor is always ready to render service to the Lord, and, similarly, the Lord is always ready to render service to the devotee. He takes greater pleasure in His pure devotee's assuming the advantageous position of ordering Him than He does being the giver of orders. Since He is master, everyone is under His orders, and no one is above Him to order Him. But when He finds that a pure devotee is ordering Him, He obtains transcendental pleasure, although He is the infallible master in all circumstances."

This was read in a pleasant and sincere tone as the message is.

I had spoken to a good friend of mine, Ugresh, whom I used to travel with when he was single, a monk, as I was (and still am). In our dialogue it came up that pleasant remarks, positive words and encouragement is the true spirit and culture of Krishna. We made mention of the sad internet culture of bashing and put-down. This is unwanted. Again, I look to the lines in the Gita's purport, "He takes greater pleasure" and "He obtains transcendental pleasure." That's the spirit - the willingness to serve and take pleasure in doing so.

I had taken a walk to see some people who were decked out in Hallowe'en ghoulishness (frankly, they are Krishna devotees in disguise). They externally cut the ghastly profile but in spirit they resonated what is totally optimism.

They couldn't scare me even if they tried.

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