Monday, 14 November 2011

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

In The Course of A Day

Fort Erie, Ontario

In the course of a day there are situations to be happy about and to be grave about. Sadness should never fit into the picture.

I was glad to read about the vegetarian campaign going on at the U of Toronto. Posters read, "Why Love One and Kill Another?" with images of a puppy dog on one side and a piglet on the other. That's progressive thinking.

I was indeed feeling warm about this day being the Rasa Yatra of Krishna. His dalliance with the cowherd maidens is a celebration of the heart for devotees world-wide as is the anniversary of the marriage of two divinities, Tulsi and Salagram.

It's the full moon and you could visibly see it as serious clouds had passed by over Erie, one of the Great Lakes, where I'm accommodated with four actor devotees. Swans graced the sky and waves rippled against the beach where we tread.

My thoughts shifted to greater gravity when our conversation with Pundarik and Murli, our hosts, moved in the direction of a war between Canada and the U.S. two centuries ago. The old garrison, Fort Erie, is right near us.

I Became more pensive when I heard someone express dissatisfaction at another's service when in my mind I felt the performance was fine. Who's perception and who then is wrong? Such dualities of mind can be puzzling. You should always give the benefit of the doubt to someone and yet it might not always be stepping into the truth.

The beach is the place to deliberate. In the end the only reconciliation over such matters is determined by Divine Intelligence.

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