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Monday, November 28th, 2011

At the Edge of St. Catherine's

Montreal, Quebec

Walking is fun in and of itself. You can add frill to it and it becomes even more interesting. Through an opening of a fence at the end of St. Catherine's Street we did go. This led to a trail and then a railroad track. We were sure we weren't supposed to be there but we reasoned that others do it otherwise there wouldn't be a worn out path. For some locals it's a dump site. Tires and some smaller household appliances are strewn about. This little 'escape route' as it appears with trees and grass, path and tracks is the kind of place where youths go to smoke their dope.

It's Montreal's east-end. Not the greatest neigbourhood, but there's a feeling of freedom where we were.

Sonny was with me on a second stroll for the day on St. Catherine's. He decided to leave his computer job of eight years for a year of pilgrimage which includes travelling with our Halifax monks. Good for him. He'll have an awesome time.

To also accompany us were Krtamala from Bosnia and Yajna, who is just ready to leave for BC to see his family there. All four of us are somewhat the creative type of people. We peered into one window at a shop that displayed some fascinating Medeival armour attire. Although it wasn't Vedic ksatriya wear, it reminded us of the battles outlined in the epic, "Mahabharat". We were taken by the work done on these costumes. Immediately I thought 'productions', 'theatre'.

To prepare for a February trip to India for a stage production that I'm working on I needed some fabric material for costumes. We decided as a group to leave that shop of our dreams for Fabricland. It was rather a spontaneous decision and certainly added to the enjoyment of the day. Within minutes we were inside the shopping mall and Fabricland. We selected many metres-length of rich flowing material which was advertized at 40% off. To get your bargain you require to have a card. Out of the four of us no one was cardholder although Yajna had one at home.

What to do? We were at the counter ready to pay.

"Is anyone looking for a card?" said the feminine voice. In the upheld hand of now a fifth person, Sharada, a godsister as we call it, who came out of nowhere, was the discount card we needed. Sharada so incidentally came to the shop overheard us and then whipped out that major card for the deal of the day. We were stunned.

Out of the day's little adventures our culmination was something we call "Krishna's arrangement." We live for that.

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