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Sunday, November 13th, 2011

A Small Endeavour Pays Off

New Orleans, Louisiana

Actually local people pronounce the name of this City of Love as "N'awlins" I stood to be corrected on my southern drawl version of it. Once again our little drama troupe took to the streets, N. Peter's and others and what to speak of Bourbon. Some people were telling us that the chanting is really needed on that street.

N'awlins really does pride itself in its music, partying and the certain flavour of voodoo culture they speak about.

We were fortunate to present our play "The Jagannatha Story" at Day Two of the Chariot Festival. Well received. It was fabulous bonding with peers like T.K., Nirantara - both from L.A. - and monk Bhakti Caru Swami from India. He in particular is always a real gentleman with me.

To say a small mention of this - behaviour is almost everything. The way one acts or treats others is the fruition of real culture, of training and of assimilating the true understanding of things.

I would also like to express appreciation to a godbrother, Visvakarma, from Canada. It was he who, as servant-leader of our temple/ashram in Toronto, took the time to help a new immigrant to Canada in the 70's. Mr. Ashok Patel called me on the phone expressing his thanks for being made to feel at home while so far away from his motherland, India. Ashok, who owns and runs the Hotel (yes, a Patel Hotel) where we are staying as guests. He has flourished with life's prosperities, while not excluding his devotion to Krishna. Because of Visvakarma's kindness thirty-plus years ago, Ashok has hung in there with us for all this time.

Please refer to chapter two, verse forty of the Gita for inspiration along this line.

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