Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Monday, November 14th, 2011


New Orleans, Louisiana

We have completed our pilgrimage to New Orleans, to the ISKCON Centre on Esplanade Ave and the Ratha Yatra (Chariot Festival) at Washington Square Park.

I asked the boys accompanying me for an assessment on our trip as we stopped over in Cleveland. Dhruva, Yogendra and Sing Lung gave their contributions while Nitai Priya stayed on in New Orleans for additional days.

Dhruva offered to say: "We were bumped off of the stage schedule to do our drama. We could have been upset but we saw it as an opportunity to do some other service. We went for public chanting."

Yogendra offered to say: "I made some mistakes in not getting the directions so firmly so our driving took so much time. I felt bad, guilty but guilt isn't always bad. It's part of being humble."

Sing Lung offered to say: "Wherever and whenever I go to temples and festivals I witness a genuine interest to serve and take care of others."

Dhruva offered to say: "We arrived late at the hotel to deliver prasadam (food) to other visiting devotees. They were not in the least bit disturbed, but grateful. That impressed me."

Yogendra offered to say: "Bhaktimarga Swami initiated this slow motion exercise. I learned that it takes a great amount of control and focus. It was good."

Sing Lung offered to say: "The weekend provided nice family feelings. Bhakti yoga is where I belong."

Dhruva offered to say: "When we were chanting on the streets we were giving people an alternative way to approach life. Was all the booze they were consuming really giving them happiness."

My remark: "I've always found it helpful to do a summary review on such programs. Such reflection is enriching to one's spiritual life."

Second remark: "I regret to say that I was restricted from walking. Storms rerouted our plane to Pittsburgh from Cleveland. We spent the whole evening making our way back home. We did everything but canoe and walk back to Toronto."

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