Friday, 11 November 2011

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Conquest for Satisfaction

Toronto, Ontario

I had the great privilege to cook breakfast, give a class on conquering God with love (bhakti) and then taking conquest over our drama and costume room. Years of stuff has been accumulated in the way of clothing, props, and whatever knick knacks and tools are related to productions of Krishna Conscious theatre.

I get requests all the time for scripts, background sound tracks, costumes to borrow and how to start a drama troupe for dummies. Assembling plays is a very big part of my life when you consider I keep going to all continents with productions. With theatre I feel practically the same adrenaline driven power in me as in the walking. I never seem to do enough of both.

Anyways I see these two forms of seva (service) as my offering to our guru, Srila Prabhupada. Both provide me with mercy or blessings. Both are very therapeutic.

Everyone of us has an illness, a serious disease. We are in the bodily concept of life, overwhelmed by ego and deeply infected by three gunas (modes of nature) as explained in the Gita. Fortunately there are cures, with one of the most important ones being, whatever you have as a gift, a skill, a propensity, use it in the higher service to God. Do not horde it for yourself. Engage your abilities and intelligence for that higher cause and become satisfied. Who isn't looking for satisfaction?

Since the dawn of man that has been our inclination- to be satisfied. I passed my day straightening-out and cleaning that drama room leaving no time for walking but I was content. I'm sure that I'm a far cry from conquering God.

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