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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Getting to Know

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Tiffany and Kaustubha got married. It happened in the summer. They did it the way they wanted, they were determined. The young couple wanted a Krishna Conscious style marriage. Their pundit, or priest, was Dayal Nitai, AKA, Don Foose, who is a hardcore rocker. Could a priest be both a man who solemnizes marriages and at the same time rocks the punk crowd with over amplified music muddled on high decibel music?

If you meet Don, or Dayal as he's known by his Sanskrit name, you'll understand. He's a sensitive man who has embraced the philosophy of Indian sage, Vyasa. He loves Mantras as much as he does his personal lyriced Rock. He's a fabulous vegetarian cook to boot and he also does construction work for his livelihood, when he's not tattooed torsoed at his concerts. Imagine that, he's all that, all wrapped in one.

Kaustubha, the happily married man, is much like Dayal, whom he assists at concerts. Kaustubha is creative, does hairdressing, builds and renovates, in addition to serving the devotional gathering that takes place at Dayal's every Wednesday night. He's a multitasker. 'Kaustubha', in Sanskrit, is a particular precious stone, and this Ohio kid of the same name, is a gem of a soul.

As far as Tiffany is concerned, the lovely bride of August last, well, I'm just getting to know her more, and that was possible shortly after arriving from Canada via bus to Cleveland. I have been cooped up in the Greyhound all day and needed to unleash the legs, so Tiffany suggested for us to take the trails at Metro Parks. She had the right idea. Together, the couple and I and dear friend, Akhila, trod down the oak and maple trail near Rocky River. It was a creative, active and devotional group that blazed the path of bhakti, getting to know each other more before departing for the gathering, where we all get to know more of Krishna.

6 KM

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