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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

I Fudged

Mayapura, India

I misjudged something today. I saw a fellow, a devotee in dhoti, whiz by in his scooter. He parked not far from where I had been pacing on foot when I questioned him.

"Can't you walk?" I asked. Disgusted with these motorized conveyances I just couldn't contain my attitude.

Defensively he spoke, "I actually do, Maharaja." I didn't wait to here an explanation on why this sacred campus called Mayapura is taxed by just another noisy machine that's dangerous, a pollutant and the cause of much more grief. Perhaps it was a rare journey for the bikes or maybe he was running a very important errand.

In any event I went about my business and made some attempt towards a mild apology. When he said "I actually do," without sarcasm I respected the man saying in assurance, "I'm sure you do," hoping that still the messages of cutting down on traffic would be nice. It was our guru's vision at one time that residents in Mayapura would either walk or travel via canals on boats. I don't believe he cared for all the high tech madness for travel. There was talk of an airport; if I recall that was his wish, however, some areas of quiet and safety should have to be honored. I'm confident it was his vision.

It was and is a bit annoying to see the increase of scooters and such.

My mind calmed to receive a new release in the way of books by Torchlight Publishing.

Mukunda Goswami's "Miracle on Second Avenue" details the Hare Krishna arrival in New York, San Francisco and London 1966-96. As one of the earliest of the stray hippie genre of people to join, the author really pulls you in to those magical days of the 60's, the flower power, the days of wonder and change.

The read is great. I really recommend the book. It's candid and Mukunda Goswami is an admirable monk who speaks about his pre-monk adventures as a devotee.

6 KM

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