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Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Love Is Around the Corner

Toronto, Ontario

With Valentine's Day coming up I was asked to speak about love at a yoga centre. I opened up with a brief narration about the life of Valentinus, a resident of Rome, who was imprisoned for his Christian beliefs. While in jail the jail keeper developed an affinity for Valentinus and then introduced his daughter to him. The woman was blind. Valentinus and her fell in love. As the story is told, her eyesight had returned miraculously. His trial proceeded and he was given an option, either he believe in the Romans' gods and be freed or keep his Christian convictions and die. Valentinus decided to keep his affirmed beliefs and hence he was prematurely reincarnated. He died being in love with his wife and with God.

The talk kept rolling as the topic of love/lust is so intriguing for people. At question time a hand went up and one of the attendees expressed her sexual orientation as bi-sexual. The person wanted to know the Krishna Conscious stance on such an orientation and was relieved about two points as I addressed the topic.

First of all, I mentioned that the Krishna Conscious movement is underway to make a statement about its position on same gender relationship. Secondly, our founder and guru, Srila Prabhupada was accepting of anyone who demonstrated interest in devotion regardless of gender orientation. He always encouraged devotional activities and that that needed increasing whereas sexual activity, even heterosexual, is to be reduced for superior engagement. The idea is to reach the transcendental platform and to place less importance on physical romance. Through the process of bhakti one becomes content to love the Divine Spirit, Krishna, as one's eternal companion. No partnership can claim eternality.

The woman responded with happy tears.

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