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Monday, February 14th, 2011

Our Latest Monk

Toronto, Ontario

Our latest arrival as far as monks are concerned, is a mellow fellow from Slirguri, India and who spent two years in Birmingham. India, being the land of excess sun; the U.K., of excess rain; now Canada, his latest assigned place of residence, he now sees excess snow. So observes the young man in his twenties.

His name is Uttamananda, and I'll refer to him as the mellow monk, because that's just his disposition. I insisted that for an afternoon walk that our mellow monk wear pants. The day was windy. A dhoti (robe) is cold. The salt and wet areas ruin the delicate cloth. Gladly he took to trousers while the rest of us four ashram residents were snuggled up for fresh air and ready to do favour to our lets and bodies.

We headed for the Rosedale section of the city and then a ravine. Our mellow monk was charmed by the hairy and happy running collie dogs, three of them, who couldn't resist our petting them. "Their noses looks like fox," he remarked after giving some affection to the anxious collies.

It was Doug, who was amongst us, who posed a question to our mellow monk and me, regarding dogs.

"It says in the Gita that a dog, a dog-eater, a cow, elephant and brahman are supposed to be the same. How is that?" he asked.

Given that the samples Krishna identified are unilaterally very different from each other, the question has some validity. So we discussed that although the physical structures and mental and intellectual capacities vary so much, each creature mentioned has a living force - a spirit. That becomes the common denominator. There is the anti-material particle in all forms of life and hence that is what should make us harmonious.

The message discussed melted our thoughts and turned us all into mellow monks.

7 KM

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