Monday, 21 February 2011

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Female Warriors


It's my wild guess that roughly a modest 3 kilometres was covered by our group of 3 and then 4 once reaching Brussels (where we met Gaura of Pennsylvania) through long airport corridors. It's not my real idea of walking because you don't have the outdoor oxygen or the reflexology that rough sidewalks, snow, grass or gravel provides but it is something.

Our airline is Jet Airways and plenty of passengers, many of Indian Hindu origin, recognize my sadhus attire. It invokes nods, "Hare Krishna" or "Jai Sri Krishna" remarks and conversations of sweetness. It was a tolerable travel because of the exchanges and the fixation of Doug and Marshall, my other companions, on devotional reading and chanting aside from the sneak peaking on the movie screen. Doug indulged in "Wall Street."

What I did ponder several times in the day was a provocative event to do with nuns. It was close to home somehow. Madhavendra, our ashram co-ordinator in Toronto, told me of when he attended the Brubeif school in eastern Ontario, near Ottawa. The English sector of the government was trying to run the nuns out of this Catholic-mentored school. When a government delegation came to attempt an apparent subtle siege the nuns stood in line, like warriors, each holding a lethal pin in their hand. The delegates, avoiding what would be a scuffle with les femes gladiators, turned around and went away. Life went on as normal.

I can just picture it. It must have been hilarious to have been there.

I like spiritual warrior stories.

3 KM

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