Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

On the Street and At the Stairs

Toronto Ontario.

I had walked an awesome ten kilometers day walking downtown while simultaneously searching for luggage with prospects to purchase for the coming trip to India. The pieces of luggage I inspected weren't impressive from a durable point of few. When ending up in Chinatown I actually admired modest prices while the quality there was unchanged. My search for baggage wasn't my preoccupation.

I peered at the construction going on in the downtown while trekking. I am astounded by the costs of condos going up. While some have a going rate of 1/2 million it wasn't uncommon to read the signeage from 1 million to 17 million dollars. A Canadian dollar these days is neck to neck with America. So That's astronomical. And this is the way people prefer to live? In a box? In the air?

When I completed my physical work-out I returned to the precincts of my nesty room at the peak of the stairs of the temple ashram. I unlaced my trekking shoes and readied myself for my indoor slip ons. There at my eye level is a penantrating look at a master picture by photographer Haidee Malkin, showing a woman from India, squatted down at her produce of fruit and veggies. I had delibrately hung it there as well as it's mate a photo from rural Gujarat displaying a turbonned farmer employing two oxen yolked to a turning device for irrigation.

The reason I said "deliberate" is that I wanted to always remind myself of what our guru challenged his students to do- to support and implement natural living entailing the securing of land, the production of food and placing value on the animals.

In the long term, I don't see sustainalibility in condo culture, no more than I do in condoms culture. It's all rather unnatural isn't it?

10 KM

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