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Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Moods in Mayapura

Mayapura, India

Before coming to Mayapura every year I prepare myself psychologically for the variety of moods I go through. There is the mood of anticipation. What surprises will come my way? This year the stunning reality came when seeing the superstructure of the local project manifest. The temple being built will be the size of St. Paul's Cathedral. It appeared to have shot up out of the ground since last year's visit at this time.

It certainly wasn't shocking to hear that three young teens were found climbing the 300 foot crane the night before. They were not applauded for their foolish stunt.

Also the spirit of joy fills the atmosphere, especially in the morning. Devotees get particularly excited about the morning sadhana and the sacred worship of the best of plants, tulasi. Chanting, drumming and dancing is at its best. You are a true wallflower if you don't move to the sound of the drum beat.

There is also the mood of fatigue. By the tail-end of a six-hour long meeting (with a break of course) I guess I looked quite tired and perhaps a trace of bitterness. Two of my peers during the session smiled at me with some pity knowing my impassioned love for meetings. Naturally, there is some love and that is love for the guru and the mission and that's why I exercise some loyalty. I guess I looked so off that I could be used as an instant souring agent that turns milk into yogurt.

The great rehearsals with the youth from 7-9AM and 7-9PM are exhilarating. It's a positive mood. Then there's the mood of disgust. From our room #506 in the Gada Building you hear the sound of hocking when the locals grab all of the phlegm of the universe and spit it out. It just sounds like rakshasas (monsters) having a hay day and competition. Who can be the longest, loudest and then throw it the farthest? These incredible sound effects tend to make their way through the plumbing system.

It's all so colorful. It's all so fun! The moods end in peace by night. The mind is tranquil.

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