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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

The Banyan Tree

Toronto, Ontario

The other day when visiting a family from the community I read a tale which is in the realm of children's books but which is applicable for any age group. It's entitled "Perfect Creator" and its moral behind the banyan tree. It is produced by Sri Vaikuntha Enterprises. I wanted to share it as its about a man who went on a walk. Here's as I read it:

"It was a HOT day. Ramu began the long journey to his uncle's village. On the way, Ramu saw a huge banyan tree spreading its branches, welcoming him to rest under its shade. Ramu lay down on the cool grass, reveling in the shade of the old banyan. As he rested, he looked up at the branches of the tree. He noticed the tiny fruit on the huge banyan. He said to himself, 'I believe that the great Lord is the most intelligent of all. But why did He create a huge banyan tree with such small fruits?'

"He thought of the pumpkin creeper in his backyard. The creeper was slender but its fruit was so BIG! He thought, 'Surely the Lord has made a big mistake! The huge trees MUST have large fruits and the small plants, tiny fruits.' the cool breeze and the soothing shade of the banyan tree slowly lulled Ramu into a deep slumber, when suddely...

"He awoke with a shock and shook and shook with fright as he wondered what hit him. he thought, 'If it had been been bigger, I would have been hurt badly!' He folded his hands in prayer and thanked the Lord, 'You are the wisest! You made this great banyan tree for weary travelers like me to rest under but its fruit tiny so they may not hurt anyone resting in its shade. I shall never doubt your creation again. you are the perfect creator.'

"Ramu thus understood that God is perfect, and everything created by Him is perfect."

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