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Friday, February 4th, 2011

The Beauty of the Sear

Toronto Ontario

We had completed an event "An Evening of Bhakti" organized and performed by this city's own bhajan group "Gaura Shakti" I was introduced as special guest for the program. Once the mic was handed to me I raised a mild protest "How could that be? I live here!"

Within the walls of our temple ashram in Govinda's Dining Room an evening of chant, dance, and try to trance took place culminating with a tasty chow mein (we stretched the concept of the meaning of "eastern"). Yoga students from curious groups broke from the strick asana formations to ride the smooth wave of kirtan.

At 10pm during mingling period I realized thta I hadn't yet hit the sidewalk for the day. I donned winterwear and took to walking, as self-obligation. But while body was street-bound for some while, mind stayed in the room where kirtan permutated the others. "What a soothing experience!" I thought.

My mind walked back to nine hours before when I sat at a table of the same room talking with someone about the same thing I had two weeks prior-surgery.

"The stitches pinch, don't they?" I remarked.
"My doctor said he was proud of the sear he created" said my visitor a patient of a form of cancer.

"Okay" we thought. Doctors have to revel in something. I guess its something like a warrior who boasts of his wounds and scars. The history of war events in India tell that a wound is a mark of heroism. One Rujput Queen refused her husband's entrance into the palace since he returned from battle with no injury. I guess its the sign of chivalry.

Before retiring for the night I looked at my hernia sear and had to admit my innate-quary at seeing it as a beauty mark. What to do? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I'm so programmed from my generation. I still don't necessarily regard even a tatoo as "cool." Forgive me for my being so square. Conditioned that I am I try to see the beauty of God, His form, His name...

I really got to see "the scar" and the beauty of the name as I completed my mantra meditation for the day. The clock struck midnight. I rested.

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