Monday, 14 February 2011

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Feathers and Kids

Mississuaga, Ontario

The day was complete, so complete. Of course, I walked and that was before 4 AM. Then morning sadhana followed - a subtle regimentation of mantra-listening/reciting, then worship and dance. And dance I did later in the day. It was native dance. I had seen native Pow Wows in my life, but few. The largest of its kind is a massive annual convergence of First Nations People from across Canada in Toronto and I was there. What their dance has in common with Krishna might sound surprising. For a rehearsal of "8 Verses", which are the written illuminations of mantra master, Chaitanya, I incorporated native dance to the third verse addressing humility, tolerance, respect and fortitude - virtues that are universal to all.

One of our actors, Savya Sacin, donned a rented chief's costume. He looked like a real chief with feathers and all. I offered a short demonstration to him on native dance, an insert after the third verse. I consider myself fortunate. What swami gets the chance to show dance steps that are outside of one's own cultural realm?

In truth, I find native dance to be very pure, wholesome, passionate and folk-like, unlike the licentious stuff of today. Anyways, the rehearsals for this new skit allowed me the creative outlet I sometimes need.

The crown of the day was a birthday party for three kids in our community. Bless their innocent hearts! It's a monk's obligation to be there for them. They are the flowers of the universe.

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