Thursday, 18 June 2020

Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

University of Toronto

Finding the Outlet

I broke away halfway through our morning sadhana while our monks were engaged in chanting, mantra-hearing and bhakti discussion, to meet and visit with a first cousin. Her name is Corry and she’s a social worker.  Her husband, Eric, with similar credentials, also came by when we rendezvoused in Ramsden Park. We caught up on life, did some reminiscing and also discussed the world situation, which is far from bright. One area of total agreement within our discussion was the human need for a spiritual component.


And while we were sitting there at a picnic table, perhaps looking important, a young  individual, a good-looking thirty-two year old male came by, and spoke. “Hey, I saw you guys and I was really drawn to your energy. I’m on my way to the tennis courts for a game, but, hey, do you have a few minutes?“


Our mood was: “Think nothing of it. Sit down.”


Then our newly-made friend started to open up, expressing that, just last week, his wife wanted to call it quits. The three of us sensed an alarm go off and felt compelled to offer help with listening to the distressed fellow. We were able to contribute some advice, the most important being ‘surrender’. We were united in our message to him, which was one of submission to the ‘Will of Him’.


He got it. It seemed to soak in after quite the lengthy but stimulating session.


My evening walk with Aisvarya was through the maze of alleys at the University of Toronto. We wiggled our way through to find a clear outlet.


May the Source be with you!

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