Thursday, 11 June 2020

Monday, June 8, 2020

Toronto, Ontario


A Few Minutes with Jerry


My phone rang. On the phone’s display I saw the name of my brother—Jerry Vis. I answered.


“How are you, Jerry?”


“Great! You’re walking?” He could hear me pacing, breathing, panting slightly.


“Yes, I am.”


“You’re in Toronto?” he asked.


“Yes, rather grounded, but liking it.”


“What street are you on?”


“Huntley Street; I’m headed for the library on Wellesley. What are you up to?” I asked Jerry.


“I’ve been laying bricks in the laneway.”


“Hard work!”


“It’s okay! Some gardening, biking.”


“Stay away from the poison ivy. I think it’s a cousin of Covid 19.” I was humoring him. However, knowing that he sometimes gets the dreaded rashes, I said, “I know a way of dealing with the nasty stuff.”


“Oh yah?”


“Smear mud or clay on the infected area before you rest. It takes away the itch and drinks up the leaky oils it produces. Then it goes away.”


Jerry said he’d try it. We chatted some more, and then he let me walk. Yes, indeed, the world is replete with challenges. Poison ivy is one helluva culprit. I haven’t known it to kill, except for when a friend from Ohio, Akilananda, mentioned he had a lamb who died from swallowing the plant. Nature takes us down in many ways.


I continued walking and chanting on my beads. The chanting helps to refocus on the Absolute.


May the Source be with you!

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